School Based Services

Functional Assessments/Behavior Plans

Functional Assessments serve to identify the function of behavior and are used to formulate treatment recommendations contained in Positive Behavior Support or Positive Behavior Intervention Plans (PBS & PBIP). The length of time required to complete Functional Assessments and develop a PBS or PBIP is determined on an individual basis. The average duration is 8-12 hours.

School Consultation

We provide behavioral support and/or consultation for individuals or on a class-wide basis in the following areas: The completion of Functional Analyses of problematic behavior(s), the formulation of both Positive Behavior Support Plans (PBS) and Positive Behavior Intervention Plans (PBIP), the development of goals, the monitoring of progress for goals identified in current Individualized Education Plans (IEP), class the development and implementation of individualized and class-wide motivational and management systems and the delivery and development of legally-defensible, behaviorally-based curriculum and programming. We are also equipped to aid in the development and monitoring of behaviorally based (ABA/VB) classrooms and programs. We monitor and affect both teacher and student behavior through developed systems.

Inclusion Consultation

We provide inclusion consultation focused on developing appropriate, effective short- and long-term goals and systems (e.g., motivational systems, behavior plans, etc.) to promote participation in an inclusion or mainstream program/classroom.

1:1 Classroom Aides

We provide high quality behavioral aides trained in Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA) and best educational practices to support skill development and increase independence. Our staff supports individual students, small groups of students, classrooms and programs.