Training and Workshops

Group Training Workshops-

Parents, educators and caregivers interested in learning about ABA are welcome to participate in a month-long Group Training course. The course meets for four 2.5 hour sessions. During training, participants are taught a brief history of Psychology and Behaviorism and are provided an in-depth look at the diagnostic features of Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Developmental Disabilities. Participants will learn why, when, and how Behaviorism (ABA) has come to be the only empirically validated treatment for Autism and how ABA is used to manage existing behaviors and teach new skills/repertoires. Participants are exposed to several strategies designed to modulate behavior and teach new skills (i.e., Reinforcement, Punishment, Chaining, Prompting, Task Analysis, Functional Analysis, Positive Behavior Support Plans, and Data Collection). Participants are also provided instruction and/or information related to the IEP process, child’s rights, parental advocacy and support and current legislation. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be asked to rate the training and will demonstrate mastery of topics discussed in the workshop through a pre- and post-test.

Remote Consultations-

Consultations regarding current levels of functioning, behavioral concerns ,educational placements and/or methodologies can be conducted via web conference.

Parent Training-

Parents receiving home-based behavioral services receive ongoing parent training in their home as well as formal training, as covered in group workshops. Individual training may also be scheduled for those not receiving home-based services.